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Reach millions of consumers during their purchase decision with effective brand placement

Bring! is the mobile advertising platform for brands and retailers

Successfully showcase your products in the Bring! app and capture consumers' attention during their purchasing decision with a native advertising campaign

Raise awareness

Bring! sustainably increases awareness for products and brands. Using native mobile advertising solutions, Bring! generates added value through targeted product placement at the crucial moment of purchase planning and decision-making.

Increase sales

Bring! revolutionizes traditional retail marketing thanks to its integrated offer function. This feature provides the opportunity to deliver personalized offers, boosting sales as a valuable shopping companion.

Maximize advertising impact

Bring! minimizes spread losses thanks to precise product recommendation using keyword targeting. Purchase intent-based advertising enhances the marketing mix, increasing both product awareness and sales.

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Davide Falzone
Director Strategic Partnerships DACH
Juan-Pablo Schmid
Head of Retail Advertising Switzerland
Kevin Moritz
Head of FMCG Advertising Germany
Matthias Richter
Head of Retail Advertising Germany
Michel Rahm
Head of FMCG Advertising Switzerland
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Success Stories

We connect FMCG brands and retailers with our app-users, strategically creating strong impact throughout the entire shopper journey. Check out our success stories for an insight of our successful client collaborations.