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Buying behaviour at Christmas 2023: What is important for Swiss and Germans when it comes to Christmas food and presents

  • Despite the difficult financial situation, Germans and Swiss don't want their Christmas to be spoilt and are focusing on one thing above all: Quality
  • Consumers early start buying presents and planning meals: many have already bought presents and planned Christmas meals in November

Despite difficult political and economic conditions, both Swiss and Germans want to enjoy Christmas as much as possible. When buying presents and planning their Christmas dinner, consumers pay particular attention to one thing besides pricing: Quality. This is the result of a user survey conducted by Bring! and the successful Swiss leaflet app Profital in collaboration with the market research institute MindTake Research, in which more than 11,000 users took part. You can download the complete Xmas Survey 2023 for Switzerland and Germany here. 

Swiss and Germans prioritise quality at Christmas

What do the Swiss and Germans look for when buying food for Christmas? Christmas survey from Bring! Labs

When shopping, respondents stated that quality is the most important factor. Consumers in Germany then pay more attention to price and, in third place, to the regionality of products. In contrast, the Swiss consider regionality to be more relevant than the price. Despite the different relevance the price has, the topic remains in the top 3. Consumers remain price-conscious, but are also increasingly paying attention to other aspects and seem to shop more consciously. Once all the shopping is done and the roast is in the oven, it's time to celebrate. In Switzerland, an average of 10 people come together, whereas in Germany the average is 8 people.

What do the Swiss and Germans look for when buying christmas presents? Christmas survey from Bring! Labs

When choosing gifts, respondents have one thing in mind above all: Quality (Germany: 80 percent, Switzerland: 73 percent). Price is clearly in second place in both countries (Germany: 64 percent, Switzerland: 55 percent). In comparison to the previous year, no compromises were made in terms of quantity either: Germans and Swiss put an average of 8 presents under the tree. The most popular Christmas items this year again include the classics: number one are books and games (Switzerland: 64 percent, Germany: 70 percent), followed by clothing (Switzerland: 40 percent, Germany: 45 percent).

Christmas dinner and presents are planned early and bought late

When do the Swiss and Germans start planning their Christmas dinner? Christmas survey from Bring! Labs

The earlier, the better! This is particularly evident when it comes to planning Christmas dinner. For example, 51 percent of Germans and 41 percent of Swiss start planning their Christmas dinner in early December at the latest. Those who are so well-prepared can afford to do their shopping relatively late and fresh: 37 percent of Germans and 49 percent of Swiss only start grocery shopping a few days before the festive season. Consumers get most of their inspiration for the festive meal from recipes (Germany: 56 percent, Switzerland: 57 percent), recommendations from friends and family (Germany: 38 percent, Switzerland: 29 percent) and social media (Germany: 17 percent, Switzerland: 14 percent). 

"Christmas dinner is planned early, but the ingredients are bought relatively late. This means that retailers and brands can influence purchasing decisions over a long period of time. This also means that it is important for both to be present until shortly before the festive season", says Kevin Moritz, Head of FMCG Advertising Germany at Bring! Labs AG. "One format, which we also offer in our app, is particularly effective: recipes. The survey results clearly show that consumers are inspired by them when preparing their Christmas shopping. It may therefore be particularly interesting for FMCG customers to be present in the recipes section of our app."

When do Swiss and germans start shopping christmas presents? survey from Bring! Labs

When it comes to buying presents, Germans on average shop much earlier than consumers in Switzerland. According to the survey by Bring! Labs, 55 percent of Germans and 40 percent of Swiss have already started shopping for Christmas gifts. Only a few don't want to give any presents at all this year.


" The survey results show that Christmas has a special status overall. Germans choose the products for their meal and gifts very consciously. They prioritise quality above all. Price remains important, but is nowhere near as important as it is during the rest of the year. For many, the festive season is therefore a little time out in which they want one thing above all else: To enjoy good things together with their loved ones", says Marco Cerqui, co-founder and CEO of Bring! Labs AG. 

Bring! Labs AG offers brands and retailers the opportunity to reach consumers when it matters most: when they are planning and making their purchases. Among the advertising formats offered are sponsored products (the advertised products are natively integrated into the shopping list with the look and feel of the Bring! app), personalised digitalised retailer offers, recipe recommendations in the inspiration section and many more.


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