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Consumer Trends 2023: These trends determine consumer behavior

What concerns consumers in Germany and Switzerland today? With this year's Shopping Trend Study 2023, we once again took a closer look at this question and analyzed the consumer behavior in detail. The study reveals that consumer behavior is still strongly influenced by external factors such as inflation, the war in Ukraine and the rising cost of living. For consumers, topics such as saving money, sustainability and conscious purchasing behavior have become more relevant.

The Shopping Trend Study 2023 shows how Swiss and Germans organize their shopping, from planning to final purchasing. The study is based on the analysis of anonymized data from an independently conducted user survey by Bring! Labs AG.

In this article, you will find the top consumer trends that are definitely worth keeping an eye on in 2023. Download the complete study and get all insights at a glance. Here you can download the complete Shopping Trend Study 2023 for Switzerland. The study with insights for the German market is available here.

Consumer Trend 1: Price sensitivity on the rise - Price increases still underestimated

More and more consumers are concerned about price increases and adjust their purchasing decisions accordingly. The study also shows this: 80% of Swiss consumers and 76% of Germans say they currently keep an eye on product prices when shopping. The year-on-year increase is particularly striking: the figure for Germans increased by 8 percent and for the Swiss even by 30 percent. This also explains why consumers are increasingly focusing on one thing for shopping in 2023: Saving money.

Despite all price sensitivity: the vast majority of respondents estimate the level of price increases to be considerably lower than it is. While food price increases in Germany were 20.7 % in 2022 according to the Federal Statistical Office, three out of four respondents (75 %) estimated them at less than 20 %, one in four (25 %) even at a maximum of ten percent. According to the Federal Statistical Office, inflation in Switzerland is 5.6 %, although Swiss respondents (60 %) would expect it to be below 5 %. 

Consumer Trend 2: Offers & promotions gain importance

Offers and promotions continue to have a major influence on consumers' purchasing decisions. Among those surveyed, 63% of Germans and 85% of Swiss respondents said they regularly study offers and promotions. Attractive offers and targeted discounts can motivate consumers to buy a product that they might not have bought otherwise.

Marketers in retail can benefit from targeted offer communication on digital marketplaces or through online shops. Some retailers use owned channels to show and offer advertising for brands, giving them the opportunity to address specific target groups, increase brand awareness and boost sales (keyword: retail media). Independent platforms for the digital communication of offers are suitable to address occasional shoppers who do not use the retailer's own channels. This includes, among others, the brochure app Profital, which is the perfect channel for offer communication, as shopping planners and bargain hunters receive a variety of promotions and offers from numerous retailers. Especially in the grocery trade, the shopping list app Bring! proves to be the perfect channel for communicating offers: Because the app shows suitable offers from retailers based on the planned purchase.

Consumer Trend 3: Shopping preparation is essential

For consumers in Germany and Switzerland, purchase planning is more important than ever. For around 74% of Germans and 81% of Swiss, well-planned shopping preparation is essential - time is and remains an important factor for consumers. The survey clearly reflects that consumers no longer simply go shopping - they plan their purchases in advance.

The price sensitivity of consumers mentioned above also has a clear influence on the preparation of purchases. Getting organized and studying prices more intensively in advance is clearly one of the consumer trends of 2023 and opens up new opportunities for marketers from retail and brands to bring their products to the attention of potential buyers. Purchase planning is thus becoming an increasingly relevant touchpoint for convincing consumers. This is exactly where purchasing decisions are made. 

This is where the shopping list app Bring! is a useful partner for marketers and FMCG. Through the app's various native advertising formats, products and brands are seamlessly integrated into the user experience and serve as inspiration for the user while planning their purchases. Thanks to intelligent keyword targeting, the Bring! Ads minimizes wastage within the relevant target groups. This allows marketers to target their audience more specifically, while also increasing engagement and sales more effectively. 

Long-term consumer trends: Regionality, seasonality & sustainability

In recent years, a change in shopping behavior has taken place. More and more consumers are paying attention to the origin of their food and prefer regional products. The reasons for this are obvious: regional products support the local economy and protect the environment by avoiding long transport routes. They are also often of better quality because they are freshly harvested and directly processed. For many consumers, regionality is therefore very important in their choice of food and influences their purchasing behavior in the long term.

Another factor is seasonality. More and more consumers attach importance to the fact that fruit and vegetables are only available in the corresponding season and rather avoid products that are available all year round. Sustainability aspects also play an important role here: seasonal products are usually grown locally and do not have to be transported over long distances. They are also predominantly cheaper than products that are available out of season. Seasonality is therefore an important factor that influences shopping behavior in the long term and helps consumers to shop more consciously.

For brands and retailers, it is worthwhile to address issues such as sustainability, seasonality and regionality. Even though the relevance of these trends is decreasing year-on-year, conscious consumption remains an important criterion in purchasing decisions. Seasonal campaigns are an attractive opportunity for marketers to present their brand and product in different ways throughout the year. Do you already know the sales specials from Bring! ? With our campaigns, you get the perfect touchpoint to convince consumers of your benefits right at the shopping planning stage. Try it out right now!


The developments in consumer behavior show clear trends and open up opportunities for retail and the FMCG to successfully reach consumers. Attractive pricing, strategic communication as well as conscious consumer behavior are important aspects to reach consumers successfully and to convince them of the value of the product and the brand.

Bring! offers brand owners and retailers the opportunity to reach consumers at the time when it really matters: during the planning and execution of the purchase. The advertising formats offered include sponsored products (the advertised products are natively integrated into the shopping list with the look and feel of the Bring! app), personalised digitalised retailer offers, recipe recommendations in the inspiration section and many more.

Up for more? Download the complete Shopping Trend Study 2023 for Switzerland here. The study with insights for the German market is available here.


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