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Personalized offers with the Bring! app

Personalized offer communication reshapes retail marketing

Promote your offers in a targeted way at the time of the purchase decision

Play out your offers on the basis of the planned purchase

Measure success with transparent tracking

Benefit from the new way of communicating offers! With effective personalization, you can market your offers in a targeted manner at the time of the purchase decision.

Place offers and products precisely to the consumer

Bring! offers an innovative and targeted solution to make consumers aware of offers and discounts from retailers. The interactive offer function in the Bring! shopping app offers the possibility to play out personalized offers based on the planned purchase.

Unique tracking and 100% transparency over supermarket purchases

Bring! is the constant companion during all stages of the shopping process. Benefit from it! With the help of our integrated tracking, it is possible to trace the success of the offers with precision. That's why we offer a billing system based on verified store visits.

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We bring the retail industry into contact with our users and set targeted strong impulses along the entire shopper journey with brand awareness campaigns. We have already achieved great success with numerous clients in this way.