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Mobile Native Advertising with the Bring! Shopping List

Place your brand in the decisive moment of the purchase decision

Generate insights about your consumers

Boost brand awareness for your products and brands

Increase sales through native advertising formats

Place your brand in the Bring! shopping list

Sponsored Product

Brand product as a charming shopping suggestion in a native environment

Sponsored Product Flavors

Integration of product varieties or flavors as real images

Recommended Section

Generate high reach with exclusive front page placement

Sponsored Category with Banner

Branding format in the category to generate awareness

Sponsored Post & Videos

Integration of an image or video post in the inspiration stream

Sponsored Recipes

Sponsored recipe in the Inspiration Stream with direct import to shopping list

Specials in multi-brand format

High-reach special campaigns on specific topics

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Michel Rahm
Head of FMCG Advertising Switzerland
Kevin Moritz
Head of FMCG Advertising Germany
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Success Stories

We bring the brands of the FMCG industry into contact with our users and set targeted strong impulses along the entire shopper journey with brand awareness campaigns. We have already achieved great success with numerous clients in this way.