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ORO di Parma Canned Tomatoes

Original Italian cooking, that is the promise of ORO di Parma. And what is a must in Italian cuisine? Correct, the sun-ripened, juicy and aromatic tomatoes from the Parma region in Italy. And only the best tomatoes find their way into the diverse products from ORO di Parma. To draw attention to the wide range of products, ORO di Parma is collaborating with the shopping list app Bring! in a four-week campaign. The campaign was a great success! You can find all the details here:

Sponsored Product 

Sponsored Product Ad: Success Story: Bring! x ORO di Parma Canned Tomatoes

With the help of the sponsored product, the canned tomatoes from ORO di Parma can be perfectly placed in the context of purchase planning. The ad format is one of the most prominent formats within the Bring! App and appears to the app users directly when they create their shopping list. The canned tomatoes are natively integrated into the Bring! App in form of a product tile. It allows users to find the product via the search function, as well as in the category Ingredients & Spices.

Keywords: Minced meat, pasta, canned tomatoes (pelati)

Category: Ingredients & Spices

Sponsored Product Flavors

Sponsored Product Flavor: Success Story: Bring! x ORO di Parma Canned Tomatoes

The flavours are an additional add-on to the sponsored product. These are displayed to users of the Bring! App as soon as they click on the product tile of ORO di Parma canned tomatoes. Users can now choose from a variety of canned tomatoes.

Engagement Action

Engagement Action: Success Story: Bring! x ORO di Parma Canned Tomatoes

The sponsored product also included an engagement action with product information and a linkout to an ORO di Parma prize draw. After the purchase at the POS, you were able to easily upload your receipt and take part in the competition without any detours. The action was initially only played out on the Bring! App, so participation was exclusive for users and a direct motivation to enter the competition at an early stage.

Sponsored Recipe

Sponsored Recipe: Success Story: Bring! x ORO di Parma Canned Tomatoes

To inspire users in the Bring! App for their weekly shopping, the Sponsored Recipe was placed in the Inspiration Stream. The canned tomatoes achieved a significant awareness boost with the help of this ad format. Users receive all relevant details about the recipe and can add all necessary ingredients to their shopping list. This shows shopping planners what they can cook with canned tomatoes from ORO di Parma.


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