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Bring! Grill Special: Targeted advertising in the context of the BBQ season

Seasonality and the integration of products into the seasonal context determine the marketing plans of advertisers all year round. For example, in a survey on the importance of seasonality in food, two-thirds of German consumers said that the majority of them pay attention to the season of the products when shopping. (Source: Statista).

Read how the mobile advertising platform Bring! responds to this premise with a variety of innovative digital formats and this year was again successful in increasing product awareness and sales of major branded goods with a special campaign for the opening of the barbecue season.

Bring! Mobile Ads: A unique user experience

As a personal shopping companion, the Bring! app supports millions of consumers in their shopping planning every day. In the first quarter of this year alone, more than 20.5 million purchases were organised with Bring! in Germany and Switzerland. In addition to numerous personalisation options, natively integrated content such as seasonal recipes and local retailer offers serve as helpful inspiration for users during their shopping planning and thus make an essential contribution to a 360-degree user experience.

Seasonality does not only play an important role for consumers: With various digital ad formats, the Bring! Mobile Advertising platform creates unique worlds of inspiration in the right context for users all year round. Learn more about the individual mobile advertising formats of the Bring! Ad platform at getbring.com.

"We know how important seasonality is for FMCG brands and retailers. With our relevant media platform, we therefore offer them the opportunity to seamlessly integrate their brand and even entire brand worlds into the Bring! User Experience, in order to set strong triggers within the relevant target group already during the shopping planning phase and to accompany the consumer all the way to the final purchase decision." - Davide Falzone, Commercial Director at Bring!

Seasonal special campaign enhances the marketing mix of brand manufacturers & opens up worlds of inspiration for users

This early summer, for example, the big Bring! "Grill Fun" campaign took place again, after it already achieved great success in 2020 as the „Hit the Grill" edition for well-known FMCG manufacturers from Germany and Switzerland. More details on the Bring! Grill Special 2020 can be found in our Customer Success Stories:

Grill Fun 2021: Special Ad-Campaign inspires users to shop & grill

This year's barbecue campaign as well, activated Bring! users on the app's homepage via a seasonal micro-shopping list with all the relevant generic & sponsored items needed for a successful barbecue at home. 

In addition to the grill category on the homepage, numerous grill recipes in the inspiration section of the Bring! app also served as helpful support for users in planning of the grill party.

Through the prominent front page placement in the matching context and the native integration of further advertising formats in the Bring! app, the reach of the multi-brand campaign was massively increased and once again achieved great success for brand manufacturers such as Heineken, Meggle, Werder, Milram and GAZI this year.

From inspiration to a lasting impression: Results

In total, during the campaign, in the weeks from 12th April to 23rd May 2021, over 188 million brand impressions were generated by German Bring! app users and over 127,000 sponsored items were added to their shopping lists

Thus, not only was their brand perception effectively increased in the specific seasonal context; through the native advertising formats, the branded companies were able to shoot new, innovative marketing channels, significantly increase engagement within the relevant target groups and measurably increase their sales.

"In addition to increasing sales and sharpening brand perception in the relevant target groups, we also succeeded in interlocking different communication channels cross-medially."
- Magnus Voss, Team Lead Digital Marketing, DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH, about the "Hit the Grill" campaign 2020.

Your Campaign in the Bring! App?

You want to place your brand in the seasonal context of shopping to effectively and sustainably increase your product awareness within your desired target group? Bring! regularly offers seasonal campaigns.

Find more details about our campaigns and contact us directly on: https://www.getbring.com/en/for-brands/advertisings

Why Bring! Mobile Advertising?

Compared to traditional advertising, app-based formats such as the Bring! ads reach consumers directly at the moment of their buying intent. The different advertising formats are seamlessly integrated into the user experience and serve as inspiration for the user during their shopping planning. Thanks to intelligent keyword targeting, the Bring! Ads minimise scatter loss within the relevant target groups.
The native integration of brands and entire brand worlds in specific seasonal contexts effectively and sustainably increases engagement and sales. In addition to their fast implementation, the Bring! Mobile Advertising solutions also offer accurate measurement options that can provide valuable insights into evolving consumer behaviour and for campaign optimisation.


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