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Create and personalize shopping lists: Plan shopping the way you like it

Create your very own shopping experience and organize your shopping lists according to your taste - Make it yours!

Dark & light modes: The way you use it best

Choose dark or light mode for your Bring! app and plan your shopping the way it suits you best, whether you are a night owl or an early bird.

Tiled or listed: Organize the list your way

Stick with the classic Bring!-tiles or choose the new list view to better access quantities and other product specifications and to create more space for larger item details e.g. from recipes.

Create multiple lists

Create different shopping lists for each store or simply choose one of our fun list themes. This way you can keep track of your purchases at the supermarket, bakery or hardware store.

Matching shopping suggestions

Receive matching suggestions in the search to the items you already have on your shopping list. You want to buy spaghetti? Don't forget the tomato sauce!

Don’t lose time on the details!

Add your own specifications such as product descriptions, quantities and your own photos to the items in an instant!

What you will soon run out of at home

Use your Bring! Shopping lists every time you go shopping, so that the next time you plan, you can see exactly which items you're about to run out of at home and don't forget to put them on the shopping list.