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GAZI Grill Cheese

Increase of sales at the POS by native placement in the grill context with supporting grill recipes.

Sponsored Product

GAZI Grill Cheese was natively integrated as a sponsored product and could be found by the user both in the catalog and via the search function, and then be added to the shopping list.

Keywords: Cheese, Baguette, Meat
Catalog category: Milk & Cheese

Engagement Action

The sponsored product had an additional engagement action with product information to inform consumers about the advantages of the GAZI grill cheese and to draw attention to the further flavors. In addition, a linkout was added that led to the landing page.

Grill-Template in the Inspiration Stream

Additionally, the sponsored product was integrated into the grill template in the Inspiration Stream in multi-brand format.

Sponsored Recipe

The sponsored recipe inspired the user and showed what can be grilled with GAZI Grill Cheese. The linkout to the recipe instructions was added "to the recipe".


20 M
102 K
Eng. Rate
June 8 - July 19, 2020

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