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We simplify the shopping for millions of households worldwide.

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Our Mission

Everyone has to shop for groceries, whether alone or together with the family, partner or flatmates. With our apps, the simple Bring! Shopping Companion and the Profital brochures app, we want to support millions of people around the world to do their shopping faster and more efficiently.

Thus our app Bring! accompanies its users through all aspects of shopping – from the inspiration with recipes and offers, to the collaborative planning with shared shopping lists, to their visit at the supermarket – helping them to better organize their household together every day.

About Bring! Labs AG

The Bring! Labs AG is a Swiss mobile tech company in the FMCG and retail industry, with headquarters in Zurich and addional offices in Basel, Berlin and Cologne.

Our main product is the free "Bring! Shopping List", an app for multi-device use that accompanies the user through all aspects of shopping for groceries and other everyday items. In Switzerland, we also distribute the "Profital" app, an app for digital brochures and leaflets. 

In addition to the shopping platforms for consumers, Bring! offers partners from FMCG and retail an innovative mobile advertising platform, which offers them the possibility to open up new marketing channels and place their products natively in the context of shopping.

Bring! is #1 Swiss online startup in 2019 and multi-times winner of the prestigious Google Play "Editors' Choice“ award.
The Bring! Labs AG was founded in 2015 by the Swiss entrepreneurs Marco Cerqui and Sandro Strebel, employing over 50 people today.

Become part of it

Become part of it

Seither hat sich viel getan und die Bring! Einkaufsliste hat sich heute zu einem treuen Einkaufs Begleiter entwickelt, der den Nutzer durch alle Aspekte des Einkaufens begleitet.