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Post-Cookie Era: Why Bring! offers efficient mobile marketing campaigns now and in the future

What are the changes specifically?

Apple introduced a new privacy feature with iOS 14.5. This feature is essentially asking Apple users about whether they agree to their behavior being tracked when they first open an app. Specifically, this means Apple users will have more control over what and how something is tracked on Apple devices.

A survey of 5.4 million users who have installed iOS 14 shows that only about 17% agree to app tracking. The result: a sharp drop in the amount of data now available to advertisers. 

And Google: In June 2021, Google announced it would completely stop tracking web users within its Chrome web browser by 2023. Why is this so significant? With over 60% market share, Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. Thus, the elimination of data has a huge impact on advertisers' activities.

What do the iOS 14 and Google changes mean for advertisers? 

In the case of the Web, in a nutshell: the end of third-party cookies. Thus also the end of previously effective online marketing measures. Until now, cookies have allowed historical data about user behavior to be collected. This data enabled advertisers to get to know their users comprehensively and to optimize marketing campaigns based on behavior. So effective retargeting campaigns will soon be a thing of the past due to shrinking audience sizes. 

But cookies have always been the subject of public debate and are unpopular with data protectionists and Internet users. For example, according to a survey by GMX, 25% of Germans polled say cookies make their web browsing experience worse, and 26% say cookie notices make them aware that they are being tracked and monitored online. 

So what? According to a DMEXCO survey, only 17% of respondents own a cookie alternative. 20% have not yet dealt with the topic at all in Germany. 

But they already exist: advertising formats that can already play out personalized advertising consistently and reliably, and will continue to do so in the cookie-free future.  

Bring! as a reliable advertising partner with clear tracking!

While other digital advertisers have to look for new solutions, marketing campaigns can be played out unchanged in the Bring! shopping app. Using mobile native advertising solutions, the Bring! Ad platform adds value to FMCG brands through targeted product placement at the moment of purchase planning and decision. 

To place targeted ads within the Bring! shopping app, relevant data within the app is used. This data is generated through user registration for the shopping list app Bring! and subsequent opt-in. Thus, Bring! can increase product awareness with purchase intent-based advertising, effectively complementing advertisers' marketing mix. Since it is a Native App, Bring! advertising is not based on data from external web technologies - cookies play no role at all! Thus, Bring! offers a guaranteed advantage over other advertising formats that are currently still functional. 

Would you like to learn more? 

Learn more about our advertising formats here or contact us directly. 

About Bring! - Simply better shopping 

Bring! helps millions of people shop better. The app accompanies users through the entire shopping process for everyday items such as groceries and drugstore goods - from inspiration, through joint planning, to purchase. With the help of practical shopping lists, recipe ideas, offers and individual suggestions, shopping and thus the organization of the entire household is simplified. Bring! can be used via smartphone, desktop, smartwatch and by means of all common voice assistants and is available as a free app for iOS and Android as well as via the web (www.getbring.com). 

Bring! Labs AG, headquartered in Zurich and based in Berlin, was founded in 2015 and today employs over 30 people. Bring! is Europe's largest shopping list app and has won the Google Play "Editors' Choice" award several times as well as being recommended as "App of the Day" by Apple App Store.


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