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Migros & Bring!: Exclusive marketing campaign with new offer solution

The purchase planning phase plays an enormously essential role in consumers' purchasing decisions. The leading Swiss retail group Migros knows this, as well! That's why the traditional Swiss company has been working with the shopping app Bring! for some time, which offers an innovative ad platform for FMCG brands and retailers.

"With Bring! we offer our customers an innovative offer solution based on their purchasing behavior." - Christian Keller, Project Manager Migros

How Migros creates an optimal shopping experience

Migros AG was founded in 1925 by the pioneer Gottlieb Duttweiler and shaped the economic history of Switzerland for many years. Duttweiler initiated the revolution with mobile trucks that supplied residents in the middle of the villages around Zurich with coffee, rice, sugar, pasta, coconut oil and soap. Over time, Migros grew into a huge corporation: Duttweiler also opened a travel agency (1935), two newspapers (1935; 1942), club schools (1944), parks (1946), bookstores (1950), gas stations (1957), a bank (1957), insurance companies (1958) and much more. Thus, Migros can offer its customers everything they need (source: Migros).

Innovative on the road with a new type of offer solution

In order to sustainably increase sales of the offers at the POS and to additionally anchor brand awareness in the minds of Swiss customers, the retailer has already been working with the Bring! ad platform for some time. The retailer knows that for more than 70% of Swiss consumers, offers such as price discounts are important for shopping planning. In addition, a user survey conducted by Bring! revealed that 47% of Swiss consumers make their choice of retailer dependent on the offers available. Migros uses the innovative offer solution in the shopping app and benefits from the fact that consumers make their purchase decisions while planning their shopping.

Effectively deliver personalized offers to customers during the purchase planning process

Migros is one of the first customers to use the new offer advertising solution. The campaign was launched at the beginning of 2021 and achieved remarkable success in the first half of the year.

But how are the offers targeted to the customers on the basis of the shopping list? The way it works is as follows: When users of the Bring! app plan their purchases, offers from retailers are suggested to them at the right time. For example, if avocados or lettuce are on the list and are on sale at Migros, they are displayed directly to customers and can be added to the list. 

The advantage of this solution is that consumers only receive offers for products that are really relevant to them and should be purchased. This kind of personalized offer management is completely new in the field of offer communication.

But the offers are not only displayed on the shopping list. In the offers tab of the Bring! app, the offers of the week are also suggested to users. In this way, the app reaches not only sophisticated shopping planners but also the bargain hunters who use the app. The campaign figures underline that this type of offer marketing works: a total of 66 million impressions and 3 million engagements between January 01 and June 30, 2021.

Migros is also convinced: "With Bring! we offer our customers an innovative offer solution based on their purchasing behavior," says Christian Keller, project manager at Migros. "I'm convinced that we can generate an additional point of contact with the digitally affine target group and with switchers and thus retain them in the long term. Bring! is our partner for digital offer communication."

Clear tracking creates transparency 

"Our shopping app accompanies millions of people every week through all stages of the shopping process - from inspiration, to planning, to getting in front of the supermarket shelf," says Davide Falzone, Commercial Director of Bring! Why this is an advantage? Retailers benefit from integrated tracking, which allows them to track offers with pinpoint accuracy."

About Migros

Migros is one of the largest retail trade companies in Switzerland. It is organized as an association of cooperatives with almost 2.3 million cooperative members. The core consists of ten regional cooperatives, which together form the Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund (MGB). In turn, numerous subsidiaries and holdings are subordinate to the MGB. These include the retailer Denner, the convenience chain Migrolino, numerous production plants for the manufacture of private labels, the tour operator Hotelplan, the online retailer Digitec Galaxus and Migros Bank. From 1997 to 2020, the Globus department store group also belonged to MGB.

About Bring!

Bring! Labs AG is a Swiss mobile tech company in the FMCG and retail industry, headquartered in Zurich and based in Berlin. Its main product is the free "Bring! Shopping List," an app that guides users through all aspects of shopping for everyday items such as groceries and drugstore goods – from inspiration, to collaborative planning, to purchase. With the help of shareable shopping lists, recipe ideas, and local deals, shopping and thus organizing the entire household is simplified for millions of consumers worldwide. In addition to the shopping platform for consumers, Bring! offers partners from FMCG and retail an innovative mobile advertising platform that enables them to open up new marketing channels and place products in the context of shopping in a highly targeted and native way.

Bring! is available as a free app for iOS and Android as well as via the web (www.getbring.com) and can be used via smartphone, desktop, smartwatch and by means of all common voice assistants. Bring! Labs AG was founded in Switzerland in 2015 and today employs over 30 people.

Bring! is Europe's largest shopping list app and has won the Google Play "Editors' Choice" award several times and is recommended as "App of the Day" by Apple App Store.


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