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Migros, one of the largest retail companies in Switzerland, was able to demonstrably increase sales at the POS and brand awareness with the innovative offer solution in the shopping app Bring! In doing so, a new type of offer communication was used. The key words here are personalization and transparency. In the Customer Success Story, you can find out how the campaign was played out and what results Migros was able to achieve.

In the shopping list

In the shopping list, the Bring! user is shown Migros offers from his or her local retailer that match the selected items while he or she is creating his shopping list. These can be added directly to the shopping list. For example, if a user searched for eggplants or tomatoes to put on the shopping list, the matching offers were displayed directly. So the consumer now receives targeted offers for products based on his or her shopping list.

In the offers tab

In the offers tab of the Bring! app, users were made aware of the current Migros offers and could add them directly to their shopping list. With filters in the offers tab, a specific search of items in the offer is easily possible.

About Migros

Migros is one of the largest retail companies in Switzerland. It is organized as a network of cooperatives with almost 2.3 million cooperative members. The core consists of ten regional cooperatives, which together form the Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund (MGB). In turn, numerous subsidiaries and holdings are subordinate to the MGB. These include the retailer Denner, the convenience chain Migrolino, numerous production plants for the manufacture of private labels, the tour operator Hotelplan, the online retailer Digitec Galaxus and Migros Bank. From 1997 to 2020, the Globus department store group also belonged to MGB.


68 Mio.
3 Mio.
01.01. - 30.06.21
"With Bring! we offer our customers an innovative offer solution based on their purchasing behavior. I'm convinced that we can generate an additional touchpoint with the digitally affine target group and with switchers and thus retain them in the long term. Bring! is our partner for digital offer communication."
Christian Keller
Projekt manager at Migros

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