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Rama Feine Kochcreme

With the help of a Bring! campaign, Rama Feine Kochcreme from Upfield successfully increased sales at the POS through the native integration of the sponsored product and brand awareness. An engagement action and a sponsored recipe in the form of a video made a lasting contribution to the success of the campaign. Read our success story to find out how.

Sponsored Product

Rama Feine Kochcreme was natively integrated into the shopping app Bring! as a sponsored product. In the form of a separate product tile and via targeted keyword targeting, the product could be found at the decisive moment of the purchase decision - namely during shopping planning - and placed on the shopping list.

Keywords: cream, pasta, cream

Category: Milk & Cheese

Engagement Action

By clicking on the product tile of Rama Feine Kochcreme, the user was shown an engagement action that provided additional product information about Rama. This provided consumers with more information about the benefits of the product at the ideal time. Additionally, a link out was used to link to an easy spaghetti carbonara recipe.

Sponsored Recipe

In the inspiration stream of the Bring! app, users were additionally inspired by the Sponsored Recipe to learn what they can cook with Rama Feine Kochcreme. The required ingredients and the appropriate quantities for the recipe could be added directly to the shopping list. In addition, a linkout is integrated, which leads to the actual recipe and thus directs traffic to Rama's website.

About Upfield:

Upfield is a global leader in plant-based foods whose brand history and brand portfolio include Flora, Rama, Becel, Blue Band and Country Crock, I Can't Believe it's not Butter, and ProActiv. 

The goal at Upfield is to make people healthier and happier with delicious, natural plant-based products while doing something good for our planet. With a vision for a better future with plant-based products, Upfield wants to help make a positive difference in the health of people in their daily lives as well as the impact on their products on our planet.

Upfield is building a sustainable business that makes a positive contribution to society wherever possible, from the cultivation of raw materials to the production of products to the end consumer, also involving local partners. The company goal drives all our decisions and actions. Learn more about Upfield here: www.upfield.com.


+ 51%
"We are completely satisfied with our marketing campaign in the Bring! App. Our Rama Feine Kochcreme was optimally anchored in the minds of our target group during the shopping planning process. The results speak for themselves - we are happy to be a partner of Bring!"

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