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Knorr Sauce Hollandaise

What should never be missing for a delicious meal with asparagus? That's right: Hollandaise sauce! Raising brand awareness at the moment of purchase and increasing sales - these were the goals of the campaign with Knorr Sauce Hollandaise. With the help of the ad formats Sponsored Product and Category Lead, these goals were successfully achieved. You can read all the details and results of the campaign here:

Sponsored Product

With the Sponsored Product, Knorr Sauce Hollandaise can be added to the shopping lists of Bring! users with just one click. Knorr Sauce Hollandaise is integrated natively as a product tile in the Bring! search and is then displayed to users when they enter certain seasonally appropriate keywords (e.g. asparagus). In addition, Knorr Sauce Hollandaise has been placed in the "Ingredients and Spices" category, which means that it can also be found and added to the shopping list when browsing this category. 

After clicking on the Knorr Sauce Hollandaise tile, an engagement action also appeared to the shopping planners, which contained further information and details about Knorr's Hollandaise sauce.

Category Lead

To further increase the reach of Knorr Sauce Hollandaise in the right environment and during the asparagus season, Knorr decided to increase brand awareness with a Category Lead on Bring! in addition to the Sponsored Product. For this purpose, a banner was integrated directly on the Bring! home page in the "Ingredients & Spices" category. The aim here was to generate strong reach in the appropriate environment. In addition, Knorr Sauce Hollandaise was placed directly on users' shopping lists by clicking on the category lead.


17.1 Mio
29.03. - 30.04.21
"With Bring!, we were able to target our Knorr Hollandaise sauce at consumers during the peak asparagus season when they were planning their purchases. At Unilever, we like the fact that working with Bring! is straightforward and simple. In the future, we will certainly carry out further successful campaigns with Bring!"
Sabrina Ventura
Digital Marketing Manager Foods DACH Unilever

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