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Knorr Asia Noodles

Everyone knows the little hunger in between. But cooking a menu would be too much & too time-consuming. You aren't also in the mood for the delivery service? Knorr Asia Noodles offers consumers a perfect snack alternative, if it should be fast, but still tasty & warm. Knorr Asia Noodles is a product that is ideal for impulse-driven shoppers in between meals, but is also a product for stock-oriented shopping planners because of its long durability. The goal of Unilever and Bring! was to identify the right consumer groups based on Bring! First Party Data from the purchase planning.

As a first step, the Sponsored Product with flavors and an Inspiration Post were played out to the Bring! users in order to generate relevant data on planning and purchasing behavior. In a second step, a basket analysis was created based on the collected data.

Details about the campaign can be found here: 

Sponsored Product

The Sponsored Product is the most popular ad format in the Bring! app and provides exclusive data from real planning behavior. Knorr Asia Noodles is integrated natively as a product tile in the Bring! search and then displayed to users when they enter certain matching keywords (fish sticks, ramen, pizza). In addition, Knorr Asia Noodles can be found in the " convenience & refrigerated products" category, which means that they can also be found and added to the shopping list when browsing this category. 

Keywords: fish sticks, pizza, soup

Category: Convenience & Refrigerated Products

Sponsored Product Flavors

Flavors are an additional add-on to the Sponsored Product. These appear to users when they click on the Knorr Asia Noodles product tile. At this point, users can now tailor their selection to their needs and select specific flavors. An individual engagement action provides the user with information about the product and offers Unilever insights into the popularity of the flavors.

Sponsored Post

The inspiration stream of the Bring! app is particularly effective for expanding unaided awareness of brands. This tab of the Bring! app is used by many users looking for food inspiration, which is why a sponsored post from Knorr Asia Noodles was displayed. By clicking on the "Add to list" button, the product can also be added directly to the shopping list at this point, while at the same time users can obtain further product information by clicking on "Discover now". 

Bring! Data Analytics: 

In the form of a basket analysis, the generated data is now analyzed and conclusions are drawn about the consumer groups in the Bring! app. By compiling the data from ad integrations in several areas of the Bring! brand funnels (shopping list and inspiration stream) targeting awareness or intent, important insights were gained. This forms the future foundation for further Knorr campaigns in the Bring!App and brings important transformative benefits.


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