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GAZI Grilled Cheese

Increasing sales at the POS - that was the goal of GAZI Grilled cheese campaign. As a meat alternative, GAZI grilled cheese is becoming increasingly popular in Germany's households. With the help of a Bring! campaign with various ad formats, it was possible to increase both sales and brand awareness. All details about the campaign can be found here:

Sponsored Product

GAZI Grill Cheese was natively integrated as a sponsored product and could be found by the user both in the catalog and via the search function, and then be added to the shopping list.

Keywords: Cheese, Baguette, Meat, Grill Cheese
Catalog category: Milk & Cheese

Sponsored Product Flavors

With the additional advertising format Sponsored Product Flavors, which appears when the product tile of the GAZI grilled cheese is clicked, the users of the Bring! App users are presented with the entire product variety of GAZI grilled cheese. In addition to further information on GAZI grilled cheese, the purchase planners can also specify their product selection by choosing the desired variety.

Category Lead

Another awareness boost was generated by the special format Category Lead. Through the prominent front page placement with a banner in the category "Milk & Cheese", users of the app could be additionally activated. By clicking on the banner, the GAZI grilled cheese is in turn placed on the user's shopping list.

Sponsored Recipe

With the Sponsored Recipe, the users were additionally inspired by showing what can be cooked or grilled with GAZI grilled cheese. The ingredients and the appropriate quantities could be added directly to the shopping list. The linkout "to the recipe" led directly to the GAZI website to find out the exact recipe steps.


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