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Emmi Pleasure days

The Swiss dairy products manufacturer Emmi has launched a remarkable campaign in Bring! on the occasion of the "Genusstage" (Pleasure Days) at Coop. With this campaign, Emmi not only wanted to raise awareness, but also promote its own product range and sustainably increase sales. Find out what this campaign looked like and how successful it was here in our success story:

Sponsored Category

In order to promote Emmi Genusstage effectively, a special category called "Milchprodukteūüá®ūüá≠" (Dairy products ) was created in the Bring! App. This category was displayed to users of Bring! directly expanded and could used to attract a lot of attention. By clicking on the individual tiles, the products could be added directly to the shopping lists.


Category Lead

Another awareness boost for the Emmi Genusstage was generated by the special format Category Lead. Through the prominent placement of a banner in the "Milk & Cheese" category, users of the app were additionally activated. By clicking on the banner, further details on the individual products were displayed, which could also be added directly to the lists.

Sponsored Post

In the inspiration stream of the Bring! app, a Sponsored Post drew users' attention to the Emmi Genusstage at Coop. By clicking on the post, users were able to receive further details about the Emmi Genusstage. In addition, a linkout was integrated, which led to the actual product and thus directed traffic to Emmi's website.

In addition to the ad formats already mentioned, each individual Emmi brand that was part of the Genusstage was natively integrated with the Sponsored Product as a product tile in the Bring! Search. 

Sponsored Product with Flavors using the example of Emmi CAFF√ą LATTE


The Emmi CAFF√ą LATTE could be found with relevant keywords in the Bring! Search and be added to the shopping list by clicking on the tile. As soon as the tile was clicked, the entire variety of the product opened with the Sponsored Product Flavors. This allowed each user to select their preferred flavor and add it to their list.¬†

Category: Milk & cheese



‚ÄćSponsored Product with Flavors using the example of Jogurtpur

Emmi's Jogurtpur was also natively integrated into the Bring! Search as a Sponsored Product. Thanks to keyword targeting, the product could be found at the decisive moment of the purchase decision and placed on the shopping list. Also in this case the entire variety of flavors was shown with the Sponsored Product Flavors, which allowed users to specify their product choice even further. 

Category: Milk & Cheese




10.04 Mio
"Our campaign for the Emmi Genusstage with Bring! proved how effective the ad formats in the Bring! App are. For this reason, we are currently planning further marketing campaigns for 2022. Bring! is our partner when it comes to effective attention-grabbing sales promotion measures!"
Dominique Aeschlimann
Customer Marketing Managerin

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