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Café Intención

The successful coffee roasting company J.J. Darboven GmbH & Co. KG was able to sustainably increase sales at the POS with a Bring! campaign, the successful coffee roasting company J.J. Darboven GmbH was able to sustainably increase sales at the POS through the native integration of the sponsored product and brand awareness, as well as create an optimal link from online to offline.

Sponsored Product

Café Intención was natively integrated into the shopping app Bring! as a Sponsored Product. Targeted keyword targeting enabled the product to be found at the decisive moment of the purchase decision and placed on the shopping list. 

Keywords: coffee, coffee beans, espresso, fairtrade, Cafe Intencion

Category: beverages

Sponsored Product Flavors

As soon as the Bring! User clicked on the icon, an Engagement Action opened, which displayed the entire product variety of Café Intención. With the newly launched ad format Product Sponsored Flavors, users were able to add the right type of coffee to their shopping list based on real images. 

Category Lead

The Sponsored Product was additionally supported by the special format Category Lead. Here, the top-of-mind awareness of Café Intención was activated by the prominent start page placement in the beverages category. By clicking on the banner, the coffee is in turn placed on the users' shopping list.

Sponsored Recipe

In the inspiration stream of the Bring! app, users were also inspired by the Sponsored Recipe to see what Café Intención can conjure up. The required ingredients and the appropriate quantities for the recipe could be added directly to the shopping list. In addition, a linkout was integrated, which led to the actual recipe and thus had directed traffic to Café Intención's website.

About the J.J. Darboven company:

J.J. Darboven was founded by Johann Joachim Darboven in Hamburg on March 21, 1866. The successful Hanseatic family business is now run by Albert Darboven, the fourth generation of the Darboven family to do so. With a comprehensive product range consisting of coffee (e.g. J.J. Darboven Classics, Alfredo) tea (e.g. EILLES TEA, PLATEANUM) and cocoa (COCAYA), the company is the market leader in the out-of-home sector and is convincing in food retailing with coffee (e.g. IDEE KAFFEE, EILLES KAFFEE, Café Intención, Alberto, Mövenpick and Sansibar) and cocoa (Cacaó Intención). J.J. Darboven stands for quality, tradition and innovation. The group of companies is currently active in ten European countries. 

About Café Intención, the Fairtrade pioneer:

A fair trade thinker from the very beginning: As early as 1993, J.J. Darboven recognized that sustainability and raw material transparency were increasingly important in purchasing decisions. As a result, the Hamburg-based company was the first large-scale roaster to introduce Fairtrade-certified coffee to the German market. The Café Intención brand continues to live this pioneering spirit consistently and successfully to this day, whether through personal relationships with fair trade cooperatives, comprehensive roasting expertise for all-around better coffee enjoyment, or lived inspiration for more fairness. Café Intención's LEH range includes single-origin country coffees (375g whole bean), filter coffees (500g ground), espresso (250g ground), Caffè Crema and espresso (1,000g whole bean), and pods (36 and 16 pieces). All products are 100% Fairtrade certified. The regular assortment also convinces with an additional organic certification. The entire product range can also be found at www.cafe-intencion.com.


9.3 Mio
"In addition to increasing sales of our Café Intención, we were also able to sustainably increase the brand awareness of our products after a rebranding! Another plus point: the cooperation with Bring! went flawlessly. Anyone who appreciates fast and short communication should choose Bring! as a partner for their marketing campaigns."
Sebastian Lepping
Marketing Manager at J.J. Darboven GmbH & Co. KG

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