The "Kochschwabe" is Jens Haizmann, a true Swabian from Nagold in Baden-Württemberg. If you now only think of fried Maultaschen and lentils with spaetzle, you are far wrong. Thy are (of course) also part of his repertoire, but he has much more to offer.

On his website kochschwabe.de you'll find a wide variety of recipes – whether hearty, light, vegetarian, fruity, fancy, sweet, etc. – but also meal plans, exciting blog posts and podcasts, as well as the so-called sketch recipes, which are made for people of all ages thanks to their step-by-step instructions in pictorial comic style.

Our three favorite recipes

Unsere drei liebsten Rezepte


The Kochschwabe, himself a father of three children, can speak from experience when it comes to conjuring up something fresh and healthy on the table at the end of the day, in addition to household chores, job, garden and childcare, without sacrificing fun and the sometimes necessary "soul food". That's why he wants to make cooking and baking a great event for the whole family.

Starting with the planning, his recipe ideas won't leave any palate dry and even if you can't manage to do the extra shopping, you'll find the you'll find the right recipes with the ingredients you have available at home.

And when it's time to get to work, even the little ones can help out without having to limit themselves to "chopping". Because with the help of the pictorial representation in the sketch recipes, even the youngest children or people with reading difficulties understand what needs to be done where and when.

So get inspired and once you've been able to decide on a recipe, it's just a matter of "putting on your cooking apron and getting started". Whether with normal recipes or with sketch recipes - fun for the whole family is guaranteed!