As the largest food platform in Europe, Chefkoch inspires up to 22 million people every month who search, find and collect their favourite recipes with us.

We know: Tastes are just as varied as our 350,000 recipes, which have been posted, tested, and rated by users millions of times.

To ensure that everyone finds their favourite recipes at Chefkoch at any time and for any need, the Chefkoch editorial team delights with ever new inspirations and seasonal ideas. In addition, Chefkoch offers personalised content - whether for vegetarians, vegans or meat lovers.

Recipes, content and videos from our partners round off the diversity on Chefkoch so that there is something for every taste.

And once the right recipe has been found, it receives a special place in the heart of Chefkoch: the digital Chefkoch cookbook - where our users collect and organise their favourite recipes.

Our three favorite recipes

Unsere drei liebsten Rezepte