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Big update: Bring! with more personalisation and new advertising format

  • Bring! users can now decide what the app should look like for them
  • New Sponsored Product Flavors advertising format seamlessly integrates real images into user experience and brings users even closer to brand worlds
  • Jam producer Bonne Maman tests the format with successful campaign

Our popular shopping app Bring! has undergone a comprehensive overhaul and released version 4.0 - its most comprehensive update to date. 

For users, the new version offers a range of new personalisation options that allow the digital shopping planner to be customised. For the first time, users can now decide for themselves what the app should look like for them.

New product features in the Bring! app

These are the most important new features for users in Bring!:

  • List view: Previously, products added to the shopping list were displayed using icon tiles. The new app version now also allows a list view. Users can now choose between the compact tile mode or the list with more space for item details.
  • Categories: The new app version makes the shopping list even clearer and more practical: users can now group products by category. These, in turn, can be sorted individually so that the entries on the shopping list can be adapted to the order of the aisles in the supermarket, for example. This makes the list clearer and shopping even faster.
  • Light and dark mode: Some like it brighter, others more subdued: Bring! also allows you to switch between Light and Dark Mode - depending on the time of day or how the user prefers it.
  • Intelligent search: With the improved search function, users can now create and customize shopping lists even faster and more intuitively. During the shopping planning process, products matching the items on the list are suggested to the user. In addition, users can already add their own product descriptions and photos during the search.
  • Shopping catalogue: A thematic catalogue enables easy and intuitive browsing for matching items and seasonal offers.

But Bring! also offers something new for advertising branded goods manufacturers and retail companies: As part of the redesign, new native ad options were added for targeting consumers during the shopping planning process.

Sponsored Product Flavors: New advertising format for more brand awareness

In addition to the above mentioned user features, Bring! also expanded its native ad options as part of the update. The Sponsored Product Flavors format is new: it complements the previous options for promoting items in the look and feel of the app during the various stages of shopping planning and shopping list creation.

With "Product Flavors", advertisers have the option of integrating images of all product variants so that users can, for example, select the appropriate variety right away when planning their shopping. The fact that photos of the products can now be integrated alongside the icons also increases brand awareness and the product image can be brought even closer to the user.

The new ad format Sponsored Product Flavors

As one of the first customers, the jam and marmalade manufacturer Bonne Maman is testing the new format. In a campaign launched in mid-March, the Sponsored Product Flavors complement conventional advertising formats such as the Sponsored Product. 

They are natively integrated and can be found by users both in the catalogue and via the search function and added to the shopping list. This opens up the brand world, in which the entire product range is displayed. The selected product variant, in this case the specific flavor, is then also specified on the shopping list. The initial results of the campaign, which is still running, indicate that the new format is once again significantly boosting advertising success.

"With Bring! we reach consumers exactly when it is most effective, namely when they decide what they want to buy," says Martine Roth, Brand Manager at Bonne Maman "This allows us to advertise in a targeted and pinpoint manner, which perfectly complements the other marketing activities. With the new Sponsored Product Flavors format, we can now bring our product world closer to potential customers more directly than ever before. For a targeted customer approach, Bring! is a perfect channel for us."

Sandro Strebel, co-founder and CTO of Bring!

"Bring! is the reliable companion for all phases of shopping," says Sandro Strebel, co-founder and CTO of Bring!. "With the new version, we are a big step closer to our goal of making Bring! a personal shopping companion. This also increases the attractiveness for advertisers. With more personalisation in the app and increasingly targeted ad formats, brands can engage consumers in ways never before possible - almost as if they were communicating in person."

Are you looking for more information? Read our official press release here!


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