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Shopping trends 2022: Shorter supermarket visits and more focus on price and offers

The new Bring! Shopper Guide 2022 is here. Once a year, we analyze the shopping behavior of consumers and publish the results in our Shopper Guide. One thing is already clear: Consumers shop shorter, but more often.

The Bring! Shopper Guide 2022, which was published this month, analyses how the Swiss and Germans shop and plan. It is based on an analysis of anonymized data from the Bring! app and a user survey conducted by the market research institute Omniquest. 

The guide shows how the pandemic and the increased cost of living have changed shopping behavior. The Swiss and Germans are once again shopping more often, but for shorter periods: From twice a week in 2020, the frequency of shopping increased to three. Other than that, the average duration of supermarket visits fell from 13 to 11 minutes in Switzerland and from 13.5 to 12 minutes in Germany.

In both countries, however, weekend shopping remains popular: the most frequent day is Saturday, followed by Friday.

A look at the importance of special offers shows that money is no longer so loose: For 36 percent of Swiss shoppers and 46 percent of Germans, special offers are important when planning their purchases. 

This is also confirmed by figures from the spring survey: according to this, almost half of the Swiss (47 percent) pay attention to the price when shopping, and for 36 percent, current offers play an important role when deciding which supermarket or store to buy from. 

"Shorter and more often, but always as cheap as possible: the Bring! Shopper Guide, shows how pandemic and inflation have changed shopping behavior," says Nadine Müller, Head of Sales Switzerland. 

"For brand owners and retailers, it is therefore all the more important to know how, when and why their customers shop to able to address them as precisely as possible. Bring! makes this possible. At the same time, we support consumers, for example, by making offers as easily accessible as possible."

The entire Bring! Shopper Guide 2002 is available for download here for Switzerland. The guide for the Germany is available here.


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