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Seasonality - how to succeed in targeted advertising in a seasonal context

Seasonality and the integration of products into the seasonal context determine the marketing plans of advertisers from FMCG and retail throughout the year. In this context, they are always looking for innovative and successful formats to put their products in the focus of consumers in the best possible way. 

In our article, you will learn why seasonal context is so relevant to advertisers and how the mobile advertising platform Bring! responds to this premise with a variety of innovative digital formats and has been able to successfully increase product awareness and sales of major brands with the help of special campaigns. 

What does "seasonal" shopping mean?

But before we delve deeper into Bring!'s digital formats, we should first classify the topic of seasonality and what it means for consumers. 

Seasonal shopping means buying products and food for only a certain period of time - i.e. not all year round - and which grow and are harvested ripe in the current season in one's own region.  There are good reasons why consumers choose a seasonal shopping style. 

  • Seasonal shopping is more sustainable: By buying products that are in season, long transport routes, e.g. by plane, can be avoided. 
  • Seasonal foods are richer in vitamins: vegetables and fruits that are fully ripe have the highest nutrient content and are therefore healthier. 
  • Seasonal produce is more flavorful: Besides vitamins, the flavor also plays a significant role. Ripe fruits and vegetables are also more intense in flavor. 

How important is seasonal shopping?

In a statista survey on the importance of seasonality in food, two-thirds of German consumers say they pay attention to the season of the products they buy. This is also confirmed by a recent study by the market research company POSpulse, in which 24% of Germans buy regionally and seasonally and 43% buy regionally and seasonally to some extent. 

At the same time, 40% of Swiss consumers say in another statista survey that they always pay attention to regionality and seasonality when buying fruits and vegetables, and 39% that they usually do. 

Bring! studies and data confirm the importance of seasonality

Also a Bring! study from spring 2022 clearly shows that seasonality will influence the future shopping behavior of the Swiss (77%) and Germans (54%). This is also confirmed by data from the Shopper Report by Bring!. For example, strawberries are put on the shopping list 12 times as often during their season in Germany. Asparagus is bought almost seven times as often in Switzerland and 9 times as often in Germany.

These data thus confirm that advertisers' focus on campaigns in seasonal contexts is justified and fruitful. That's why FMCG brands are always looking for suitable channels to place their products in appropriate contexts. One solution that has already proven itself is the shopping list app Bring!. 

Bring! Mobile Ads: A user experience

Every day, the Bring! app accompanies millions of consumers through all aspects of shopping for everyday items such as groceries and drugstore goods - from inspiration to joint planning to purchase. In addition to numerous personalization options, natively integrated content such as seasonal recipes and local, personalized retailer offers serve as helpful inspiration for users during their shopping planning and thus make an essential contribution to a 360-degree user experience.

Seasonality does not only play an important role for consumers: With different digital ad formats, the Bring! Mobile Advertising platform creates unique worlds of inspiration in the right context for users all year round. 

"We know how important seasonality is for brand owners and retailers. Our relevant media platform offers them the opportunity to seamlessly integrate their brand and entire brand worlds into the Bring! User Experience, in order to set strong impulses within the relevant target group already during the shopping planning phase and to accompany the consumers all the way to the final purchase decision." - Davide Falzone, Commercial Director at Bring!

The Bring! Special Campaigns

Bring! offers different seasonal campaigns throughout the year. Currently, the following special campaigns are represented in the Bring! app:

The campaigns always consist of the same ad formats. Thus, products from brands are natively integrated into the Bring! app in the form of a Sponsored Product. Additional attention is given to the products in the Sponsored Category, which are displayed to the users of the app in expanded form. To draw the attention of users looking for inspiration for the special campaign, brands are represented with a Sponsored Post or Recipe and in the matching Sponsored Channel. 

Why Bring! Mobile Advertising?

Compared to traditional advertising, app-based formats such as Bring! ads reach consumers directly at the point of purchase. The various advertising formats are seamlessly integrated into the user experience and serve as inspiration for the user during their shopping planning. Thanks to intelligent keyword targeting, the Bring! Ads minimize wastage within the relevant target groups.

"In addition to increasing sales and sharpening brand perception in the relevant target groups, we have also succeeded in cross-medially dovetailing different communication channels." - Magnus Voss, Team Lead Digital Marketing, DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH, on the "Ran an den Grill" 2020 campaign.

The native integration of brands and brand worlds in specific seasonal contexts effectively and sustainably increases engagement and sales. In addition to its fast implementation, the Bring! Mobile Advertising platform also offers accurate reporting capabilities that can provide valuable insights into changing consumer behavior and campaign optimization.

Your campaign in the Bring! app

Want to place your brand in the seasonal context of shopping to effectively and sustainably increase your product awareness within your desired target audience? Bring! regularly offers seasonal campaigns.

Find out more details about our campaigns and ad products now and contact us directly at: https://www.getbring.com/de/advertising/fmcg


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