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The new way of retail marketing

Print brochures have dominated offer communication in the past. But digital offer formats are increasing in relevance year by year. In addition, the "Please no advertising" sign on household mailboxes is now almost commonplace. In addition, more and more retailers are opting out of print brochures. Ikea, for example, already announced in 2017 that it would discontinue its printed catalog. But what does the future of offer communication look like? It's certain: the more personal, the better.

How important is the weekly brochure with offers?

What determines what ends up in consumers' shopping carts? For more than 70% of Germans and Swiss, offers such as price discounts or handouts are important for shopping planning. Over 60% of Germans and over 43% regularly use offers when planning their weekly shopping. These findings emerge from the Bring! Shopper Report 2021.

It is thus clear that offers are a relevant factor for the purchase of products. It is also interesting to note how people find out about offers. The supermarket (approx. 55%), the printed weekly brochure (40%) and the Internet (35%) are cited as the most frequent media. The survey conducted by POS Pulse also proves that consumers inform themselves about offers in different ways and that pure print brochures are no longer sufficient.

What are the digital advertising formats?

Food retailers still invest a lot of their advertising budget in print brochures. And the trend is downward. Why? Digital advertising formats are becoming more relevant. These developments are also confirmed by the current marketing monitor of the EHI Retail Institute. The study clearly shows that the classic print brochure, which now accounts for more than 30% of the gross advertising budget, is receiving less attention than digital advertising formats, for example. Around 34% of spending was recorded here.

The currently most common advertising formats are: 

  • Retailer websites & apps
  • Social Media
  • Banner advertising
  • Digital brochure portals
  • TV & Radio
  • Print

But why more digital, less print? The advantages are obvious: With the help of digital ads, retailers generate less wastage because the ads are more targeted to consumers. It's also simply faster: adjustments and new setups are quicker to implement and don't require as much lead time.

But that's not all - digital formats bring another important fact: they are personalized and tailored to the behavior of users. And the keyword personalization is also the approach that will give wings to offer communication.

Bring! with new way to market offers

Consumers don't make purchase decisions in front of the supermarket shelf, even while scrolling through their social media channels. Purchase decisions are made during shopping planning. Offers from retailers should be steered into consumers' decision-making process precisely at this point. 

Here, the shopping app Bring! offers an innovative solution for advertisers from the retail sector to address their products and offers to consumers in a targeted and personalized way.

The Bring! app suggests suitable retail offers to users based on the planned purchase, which can then be added directly to the shopping list. So if a user puts bananas on the shopping list and they are on sale at the retailer, the user can and knows directly that they can buy the item at a lower price. 

The benefits of such a personalized solution:

  • One app for all: all retailers offer in one apps
  • 1.5 million users in Germany and 900.000 users in Switzerland
  • 6.5 million shopping trips in Germany & 900,000 shopping trips in Switzerland
  • Clear measurability of store visits
  • #1 shopping list platform

If you want to read more about the new way of communicating offers, you can find more information here.


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