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Profital, welcome on Board!

The shopping app Bring! and the digital brochure app Profital are joining forces to shape the future of shopping. As of September 15, 2021, Swiss Post will increase its stake and thus acquire a majority stake in Bring! Labs AG. You can find more details on the merger of Profital and Bring! and the role of Swiss Post in this article.

Today is a big day for shopping app Bring! and digital brochure app Profital. After working together very successfully as partners for the past three years, today they are entering a new phase: we are happy to announce that Bring! and Profital are joining forces as one team. From now on, we will be driving the future of shopping together.

What does the merger mean for customers of both companies?

For our customers in the FMCG and retail sectors, this will result in an even more comprehensive platform to promote their products and services. Both teams are very excited about the merger and the upcoming developments.

Swiss Post increases its stake in Bring! Labs AG

As a basis for the merger of the Swiss companies Bring! and Profital, Swiss Post (owner of Profital) increased its existing shareholding on September 15, 2021, and acquired a majority stake in Bring! Labs AG. Bring! Labs AG will continue as an independent company and will be managed by Bring! founders Marco Cerqui and Sandro Strebel as well as Profital's managing director Raphael Thommen.

Swiss Post had already invested in the Series B of Bring! via Swiss Post Ventures in April 2020. "Working with the entire Swiss Post Ventures team helped us to better leverage the synergies between Swiss Post, Profital, and Bring! and thus build the trust for this step.", says Marco Cerqui.

Many thanks for the support to Swisscom Ventures, G+J Digital Ventures, Wingman Ventures, Swiss Founders Fund, Swiss Post Ventures as well as all the business angels that have brought us this far. 

"We would like to express the biggest thanks and respect to the entire Bring! team as well as to Raphael Thommen and the entire Profital team," said Marco Cerqui. "We can be very proud of what we have achieved together. We are very excited about this step, about our new teammates and the future with all of you," adds Sandro Strebel.

Now there is only one thing left to say: 

Welcome on board, Profital!

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Bring! – Simply clever shopping

Bring! Labs AG is a Swiss mobile tech company in the FMCG and retail industry, headquartered in Zurich and based in Berlin. Their main product is the free "Bring! Shopping List," an app that guides users through all aspects of shopping for everyday items such as groceries and drugstore goods – from inspiration to collaborative planning, to purchase. With the help of shareable shopping lists, recipe ideas, and local deals, shopping and thus organizing the entire household is simplified for millions of consumers worldwide.

In addition to the shopping platform for consumers, Bring! offers partners from FMCG and retail an innovative mobile advertising platform that enables them to open up new marketing channels and place products in the context of shopping in a highly targeted and native way. Bring! is available as a free app for iOS and Android as well as via the web (www.getbring.com) and can be used via smartphone, desktop, smartwatch and by means of all common voice assistants.

Bring! Labs AG was founded in Switzerland in 2015 and today employs over 30 people. Bring! is Europe's largest shopping list app and has won the Google Play "Editors' Choice" award several times and is recommended as "App of the Day" by Apple App Store.

About Profital

In the Profital app and on profital.ch, users can find brochures, offers & store information from more than 100 retailers as well as brand manufacturers (FMCG). Every month, more than 450,000 Swiss consumers plan their purchases with Profital, reading more than 4 million digital brochures. Profital was founded in 2017 as a corporate startup of Swiss Post and has since been operating under the umbrella of the Group company DirectMail Company AG.


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