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Bring! offers personalized offer communication for retailers

Personalized and targeted offer communication at the moment of the purchase decision: That's what Bring! now offers companies from the retail sector. Europe's number 1 shopping app is thus revolutionizing marketing for retailer offers. Until now, this has been limited to accompanying formats such as digitized or printed brochures, TV commercials, online banners and the like. Now it enables Bring! supermarkets and other retailers to integrate their offers directly into consumers' shopping plans

"Our personalized offers now give retailers uniquely effective and direct access to their customers." – Sandro Strebel, co-founder and CTO of Bring!

And what's more: Instead of targeting potential shoppers with all available offers, as was previously the case, consumers receive targeted offers for products based on their shopping list - and in stores near them. To do this, the Bring! app suggests suitable offers from the retailer for the selected items while the shopping list is being created and displays them directly on the list. In addition, the offers are also integrated in the offers tab of the app so that the retailer can reach the customer in more than one way during the shopping planning process.

Based on the planned purchase, suitable offers from Migros are displayed

But that's not all: since Bring! is used throughout the entire shopping process, including in the store itself, detailed evaluations of the use of local offers and verified visits to the local retailer are possible.  

"With our personalized offers, retailers now have uniquely effective and direct access to their customers," said Sandro Strebel, co-founder and CTO of Bring! "Previously, consumers had to search for suitable offers - now the offers find them. For retailers, this means targeting shoppers with perfectly matching local offers exactly when they decide what to buy. For the first time, we're enabling retailers to target consumers with up-to-the-minute offers in a personalized way."

The new formats have been tested by leading Swiss retail group Migros, among others: In the first half of 2021, Bring! offers to selected users in the first half of 2021. The results were impressive: 68 million impressions and three million engagements showed that users were happy to use the new feature.

Christian Keller, project manager at Migros
"With Bring! we offer our customers an innovative offer solution based on their purchasing behavior," says Christian Keller, project manager at Migros. "I'm convinced that we can generate an additional touch point to the digitally affine target group and to switch shoppers and thus retain them in the long term. Bring! is our partner for digital offer communication."


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