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Digital Marketing Trends 2022 - Is 2022 the year of the revolution?

2022 is already in full swing, but some defining marketing trends are already crystallizing that are worth checking out. We have summarized the three most important ones for you. Some of them are already known, but others still pose some challenges for marketers.

Which marketing trends will dominate 2022? We could identify that the topic of third-party cookies will become even more relevant this year (German Institute for Marketing & 99designs). In addition, personalization will become more and more important. You can find more details here:

Trend 1: Third-party cookies 

In 2022, the topic of cookie tracking will be in focus even more intensively. As Google announced last year, the company will no longer support third-party cookies in the future (by 2023). Thus, the related advertising and marketing activities will also be discontinued. In the future, it will no longer be possible for marketers and companies to create individual profiles of users and play out tailored advertising to them.

But what are the alternatives? One solution approach, which we are already implementing perfectly with Bring! is relying on technologies with first-party data. In other words, getting users to register for an app or similar. By registering, an added value is offered that the user wants to use and so they are incentivized to register.

At Bring! we have always used first-party data and registrations to publish our campaigns. The advantage of the advertising platform of the Bring! app is that the campaigns are not based on third-party data sources, but are realized exclusively on the basis of the app users. Thus, the Bring! app is one of the advertising formats of the future. A good example of how a marketing campaign can be realized with us is the success story of Emmi or the grilled cheese from GAZi.

Trend 2: Personalization

Not least because of the Corona pandemic and the constant "staying at home", we are confronted with a mass of media and a daily sensory overload. For this reason, the topic of personalization, i.e. the exact playout of content and advertising that consumers are really interested in and want, is an essential trend in 2022. 

It is not only a matter of creating the right content but also of delivering the ads to the target groups at the right time and on the right platform. Addressing this challenge ensures that the right audience is reached, wastage of ad spend is minimized and customer loyalty grows. 

At Bring! we have already set the first course for this in 2021. On the one hand, with our biggest product update in Bring! history: We have integrated a clever search into the app that suggests suitable product recommendations based on the products on the shopping list. And the great thing for 2022 is that this function will also be available for ad products.

On the other hand, we also launched our new offers solution for retailers last year: Consumers are now shown suitable offers based on the products they added to their shopping list. This means users only get to see advertising that is really useful for them.

Trend 3: Shoppable content 

Another trend that will probably also determine 2022 revolves around the topic of product-related content. This term refers to the direct link between content and actual purchase. First and foremost, this term refers to online shopping, where products can be purchased in just a few clicks using suitable content. 

But we at Bring! also see enormous potential for creating a direct connection to the PoS with suitable content and advertising measures. On the one hand, the above-mentioned newly launched offers solution in the Bring! app precisely creates this link between content and purchase . This is because the user is suggested suitable offers from their favorite local retailer. Another plus point: Bring! is not only used during the shopping planning phase but also during the actual shopping in the store. We were already able to carry out a perfect implementation with the retailer Migros last year. 

In addition, Bring! offers advertising in the native environment with its advertising platform. Brands, in particular, can place suitable recipes or posts within the app's inspiration tab, which are then played out in the app's natural environment. Other advertising options, especially sponsored products, are also integrated into the app in such a way that they do not appear to be advertising to users, but nevertheless appear at the decisive moment, namely during the purchase decision. You can find remarkable examples of this in our story on Knorr Sauce Hollandaise and Rama cooking cream.  


This year will not be boring for marketers. Even though some trends have already been announced in recent months, marketers must always be on the lookout for new trend directions this year as well. Not only the last few months have shown that many things can change in marketing within a very short time.

At Bring!, we are very proud to say that we are already actively shaping some trends for 2022. Our goal to make shopping as easy as possible for everyone fits perfectly into the current trends and our advertising platform is constantly evolving. But we are also excited about what 2022 will bring. 


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