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Influence on purchasing behavior!? These are the consumer trends 2022!

The year 2022 has just begun, many consumers start with good intentions and goals in the new year. But we are still, for the third year, in a global pandemic that affects our actions and makes behavior patterns change. 

For advertisers, this means: Incorporating these trend directions into their annual strategy with the caveat that consumer behaviors can change quickly, as the pandemic has shown. 

We have summarized the most important consumer trends for 2022 in our article - to make 2022 a success for you!

1. The corona pandemic enters its third year

Even if we can hardly hear it anymore, but the Corona pandemic is and remains a trend direction in 2022. Recurring lockdowns or restrictions and new virus variants continue to limit our lives and at the same time influence our consumption and shopping behavior. This is according to a study by GfK

Similarly, a Serviceplan study on the 2021 Brand Roadshow says: "During the pandemic, more than 80 percent of all consumers fundamentally changed their shopping behavior. Retailers must now make bold decisions to avoid being left behind." 

The fact that the pandemic determines what we put on our shopping list was also revealed by our annual analysis: for example, demand for Corona rapid tests rose fast in October - after the federal government abolished free tests. However, they only slightly exceeded the previous peak level in March and April, when there was a real rush for the tests in the run-up to Easter. 

For medical masks, the trend was more continuous: after a peak in January at the height of the second wave, there was a slow but steady increase to date. And what about disinfectants, the growth product of the first wave? Their demand was largely flat in 2021.

"Carefully planned, purposefully purchased, quickly back home: the analysis shows that time and efficiency count when it comes to supermarket visits in Germany," says Davide Falzone, Commercial Director at Bring!. "Those who plan store faster - an important factor, especially in pandemic times. This includes making shopping lists as well as meal planning or searching for deals via the digital supermarket catalogs in our app."

2. Sustainability becomes top topic

An increasingly important trend is the topic of sustainability. According to the GfK study mentioned above, 74 percent of Germans are concerned about environmental pollution and 69 percent fear climate change. A series of studies by Pilot Radar says 64% of consumers are setting "more mindfulness in consumer behavior" as a New Year's resolution. Essity's Green Response study also says that 40 percent of Germans already live more sustainably today.

For this reason, around two-thirds of those surveyed demand that companies should behave in an environmentally conscious manner and pay attention to environmentally friendly materials or ingredients. For brands, this means in concrete terms that addressing environmental protection and sustainability is more important than ever. 

If we take a closer look at the consumer goods sector, according to GfK, a new type of consumer is emerging: the so-called "glamour greens." "Sustainability is very important to this target group, but they don't want to sacrifice anything for it. Instead, eco means a new coolness: glamour greens wear shirts with eco statements, post on social media about sustainability and buy products that combine a conscious lifestyle with joie de vivre and status."

The focus on sustainability is also creating a new constellation for brands, according to GfK. As many new and sustainable newcomers - which embody the interplay of responsibility and joie de vivre - are currently conquering the market, established brands, as well as manufacturer brands, are being put under increasing pressure. That is why sustainability has become an indispensable part of any brand strategy.

3. vegan "plant-based food" still on the rise

In 2022, the market for vegan "plant-based food" will continue to grow. According to GfK, 2021 already saw a 44 percent increase in sales of meat and cheese substitutes, while sales of plant-based dairy substitutes rose 36 percent. 

Based on the Bring! Shopper Report, it was also possible to analyze that consumers who choose vegan foods also tend to put healthier items on their shopping lists more often. Thus it can be seen that the soy drink is often bought togehter with vegetables (above all avocado, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini). Likewise, tofu is often purchased. 

Similarly, it emerges that alternative proteins will most likely account for 11% of the total protein market in 2035 (source: Vegconomist). This trend is fueled in part by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has increased interest in plant-based proteins as a health-promoting alternative for consumers. 

In response, food and beverage brands should continue to increase their range of nutrient-rich plant-based options available to consumers to meet the growing demand for sustainable, health- and wellness-oriented, and safe products.

4. Health as a guiding principle

Another trend, but likely also a reaction to the current pandemic, is the focus on health. Consumers want to support their mind and body through a balanced, healthy diet as well as lifestyle. 

A healthy diet is an important way for consumers to support their holistic well-being. According to ADM Outside VoiceSM, 37% of consumers worldwide expect the foods they consume to improve their mental well-being.

5. New target group: value-oriented consumers

In addition to the trend directions already mentioned, a new target group and thus a trend seems to be emerging that brands must not neglect: The Value-Oriented Consumers or "Evolved" consumers. According to the Life Reimagened study by Accenture, 50 percent of respondents, who belong to all parts of the population, are already part of this group.

What makes this new target group so special? They have all questioned their values during the Corona pandemic and are now incorporating this new perspective into their purchasing decisions. The potential economic effect is even greater, as another 33 percent of respondents belong to the "Evolved" group. 

Although product quality has been a key factor in purchasing decisions in recent years, this new target group is adding a more emotional factor that is even more important to them: they are specifically looking for brands that match their new values and make them feel more relevant to the world.

In this context, the Accenture study shows that brands will have to be convincing in these five dimensions in the future: Health and Safety, Service and Personal Care, Ease and Convenience, Product Origin, Trust and Reputation. 

Conclusion: What now? Completely retool strategies?

The trends mentioned are important and definitely relevant for the future economic success of brands. However, as already said: trends and current directions change quickly. It is not possible to predict how consumers will change their behavior.

What brands can do, is anchoring themselves in the minds of consumers while they are making purchasing decisions. Advertising platforms such as the shopping app Bring! are suitable for this. 

Because the Bring! Shopping List is an app that guides users through all aspects of shopping for everyday items such as groceries and drugstore goods - from inspiration to collaborative planning to purchase. With the help of shareable shopping lists, recipe ideas, and local deals, shopping and thus organizing the entire household is simplified for millions of consumers worldwide. The numbers speak for themselves: 1.5 million active users in Germany and 300,000 active users in Switzerland per month!

In addition to the shopping platform for consumers, Bring! offers partners from FMCG and retail an innovative mobile advertising platform that enables them to open up new types of marketing channels and place products in a targeted and native way in the context of shopping. Numerous brands and retailers can look back on successful campaigns with Bring!. For further information please contact us!


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