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How Consumers plan their shopping | Bring! Shopper Report

  • Offers, recipes and seasonality play key roles in shopping planning
  • Saturday is the most popular planning and shopping day - Monday is clearly catching up in 2021
  • Everything from one supermarket? 90 percent of consumers visit more than one store per purchase

When it comes to buying groceries and everyday goods, shopping planning plays a crucial role in Germany. This is the result of our Shopper Report 2021. In it, we analyze the shopping behavior of Germans on the basis of user data and a user survey conducted by Omniquest. According to the report, 48 percent use an analog or digital shopping list. Even though it is mainly women (74 percent) who create the lists, planning is usually done jointly: over 80 percent of Bring! users share their list with at least one other person.

In the process, consumers draw on external sources of inspiration. These include offers, such as supermarket flyers and brochures: for 71 percent of those surveyed, they are important for shopping planning. But it's not just offers that are important - Germans also consciously shop for ingredients for cooking recipes. For 66 percent of the Germans and 69 percent of the Swiss, they play an essential role in shopping - after all, they buy what is to be cooked.

The third factor is seasonality. Even though almost everything is available all year round, almost two-thirds of consumers (62 percent) make sure to buy seasonal products.

Planning and shopping from Friday to Monday

Shopping planning is mainly done around the weekend: Saturday is the day most people make their shopping list, followed by Friday and Monday. Together with Saturday, this is also the day on which most consumers work through the offer brochures. In doing so, they often do not plan for the entire week: On average, two shopping lists are created per week.

Shopping then usually takes place promptly: Saturday is the number 1 shopping day, with Friday in second place. However, a change is emerging in 2021: Compared with the previous year, fewer purchases are made on Saturdays and more at the beginning of the week (Mondays and Tuesdays).

Another striking aspect is that the classic weekly shopping trip, where everything is bought in one supermarket, seems to be a thing of the past: nine out of ten Germans visit more than one store per shopping trip, and more than one in four (27 percent) even visit four or more. And more than half of the Swiss (55 percent) go shopping more than once a week, one in five (21 percent) even every day!

"The figures clearly show that groceries and everyday goods are increasingly being purchased in a planned manner," says Davide Falzone, Commercial Director at Bring! "Germans are making targeted and conscious purchases and are well informed when they enter the store. For advertisers, this means that if they want to address consumers efficiently, they need to reach them when they are preparing and making their purchase decision. The Bring! Shopper Report gives them important clues about how and with what priorities consumers plan their shopping and when addressing them is most effective."

The complete Bring! Shopper Report 2021 is available online for download.


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