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Addressing consumers precisely with seasonal specials

Seasonality determines the shopping behavior of Germans and Swiss now and will continue to do so in the future. For this reason, we at Bring! are expanding our offering for users and advertisers: With the launch of our new themed specials, users can plan their shopping even better. Our article describes the innovations in detail. 

For around 54% of Germans and 77% of Swiss consumers, seasonality will influence their shopping behavior in the long term. Shopping in a seasonal context is and remains essential for consumers. 

For this reason, the shopping list app Bring! has already included themed specials that bundle tips, recommendations, and suitable products for seasonal occasions in a separate area for some years. Now the offer has been expanded: With the relaunch, Bring! is further developing the specials into comprehensive theme worlds.

Themed worlds bring advertisers and consumers together

For retailers and brand owners, the specials offer an ideal opportunity to present their products in a perfectly coordinated thematic environment. Native advertising formats such as the Sponsored Product, Sponsored Recipe, or Sponsored Category are used and linked to a dedicated landing page. 

The feature is launched for users in Switzerland with a special on the topic of hiking and will also be implemented for other specials such as Christmas, Veganuary, Easter or barbecues in the future. 

"Our large user survey in spring showed that seasonality is increasingly important to consumers and is now one of the core criteria in shopping planning," says Davide Falzone, Commercial Director at Bring!. 

"With the specials, we are helping consumers to shop seasonally. They receive a quick and clear overview of seasonal products and offers as well as the most varied suggestions for shopping. In this way, we support the desire of many people to shop more consciously. At the same time, we are offering advertisers an opportunity to present themselves in a suitable environment and to target consumers even more precisely when it matters: when they are planning their purchases."

Would you like to learn more about the innovations of our specials or join us directly for the next special? Write us a message now!


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