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Top Mobile Advertising - With the Bring! Ad-Platform

After advertising spending slumped by 20% at the start of the corona pandemic in April 2020, the industry and the development over the course of the pandemic took a turn for the better. Although the total net volume of the advertising market in Germany was reduced in 2020 due to the corona pandemic (only EUR 42.31 billion instead of the forecast EUR 48.6 billion), growth is nevertheless in sight again for this year. 

In Switzerland, the situation is similar: the Swiss advertising market recorded a decline of 14 percent, with April also being the "front-runner" here, with a slump of 40 percent. Here, too, spending is expected to increase in 2021.

Where to put the advertising budget?

Particularly with regard to the planning and spending of advertising media, FMCG brands and retailers are often faced with the question of where to place their budget most effectively in order to reach their customers effectively. 

Advertising with mobile formats has already been particularly worthwhile for years, as the use of smartphones is constantly increasing year after year. The smartphone has become a fixed companion for every consumer. A similar relevance can be seen in Switzerland. 

In addition, there are advertising formats that reach consumers at the most important time of all - during the purchase decision! This is exactly where the shopping app Bring! comes in.

Innovative mobile advertising during shopping planning

The mobile advertising platform of the shopping app Bring! offers FMCG brands and retailers a variety of opportunities to sustainably expand the reach and brand awareness of their products. This leads to more sales of the products.

In the Bring! App, brands and retailers have different options for anchoring their products in the minds of Bring! users during the shopping planning process and thus effectively contributing to the purchase decision. Compared to classic advertising, the Bring! Shopping app has a number of advantages: The ad formats are precisely targeted and minimize scatter loss, because they reach consumers precisely when they are planning and deciding what they want to buy.

Purchase intent-based advertising offers tremendous added value

This so-called purchase intention-based advertising closes an important gap in the marketing mix: classic advertising reaches consumers before they have made their purchase decision, whereas point-of-sale marketing reaches them when the purchase has already been planned. Advertising at the time of the purchase decision, on the other hand, functions, for example, as a reminder or amplifier of previous advertising messages, but also as independent inspiration.

But what special ad formats does the Bring! Ad platform actually offer? We have listed our different formats for you:

Sponsored Product

The Sponsored Product is one of the most prominent ad formats in the shopping app Bring! The products are natively integrated in the look & feel of the Bring! app and thus serve Bring! users as a source of inspiration during shopping planning. In the product catalog as well as in the search, customers can find the targeted products based on selected keywords and add them directly to their shopping lists. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us!

Engagement Action

An additional touchpoint to the customer! The Engagement Action offers FMCG brands the opportunity, after the advertised product has been added to the list, to use an individual key visual, text, and linkout to put the advertised product in the focus of the consumer. In this way, Bring! users can receive further information on the selected product in the form of the engagement action and also click directly on the advertiser's landing pages. Contact us directly if this is of interest to you.

Sponsored Product Flavors

With the Sponsored Product Flavors ad format, advertisers have the opportunity to integrate images of different product variants of the sponsored product. Consumers can put the appropriate variety directly on their shopping list when planning their purchases and are familiarized with the different flavors at the time of the purchase decision. Integrated real images increase brand awareness and the product image. Would you like to showcase your products natively integrated in the context of shopping planning, like our customer Bonne Maman? Contact us!

Sponsored Recipes

Inspiration in the form of recipes is essential during the shopping planning process. According to a Bring! survey, 34% of respondents consider recipes to be very important for inspiration. Consumers specifically look for ideas while planning their (weekly) shopping. 

This is where the Sponsored Recipe ad format comes in. With the help of product combinations, our customers can specifically promote recipes and even integrate their sponsored product. Users can then add all the ingredients of the recipe, including your product, directly to their shopping list. Does that sound interesting to you? Why not get in touch with us!

Recommended Section

The Recommended Section is one of the most prominent positions in the Bring! app. Here, a separate section with shopping recommendations and a brand is placed at the top position of the Bring! home view, placed as a separate category. Do you want to place your brand prominently on the Bring! home view? Then contact us directly!

Sponsored Posts & Videos

Sponsored Posts or Videos in the inspiration section of the Bring! app provide consumers with additional incentives during their shopping planning. With linkouts to own landing pages, key visuals and share functions, traffic in the Bring! app is further directed to the customer's website, which additionally strengthens attention. Contact us if you need more information.

Retailer brochures

In the dedicated offers section within the Bring! Shopping app, the latest retailer brochures are available for shopping planning. This is the optimal combination of inspiration and shopping planning for your customers and an additional touchpoint to generate more sales.


Whether it's Christmas, Easter or the start of the barbecue season. The Bring! Advertising platform also offers special advertising formats for certain seasonal events. In this case, a micro shopping list is displayed on the main view in the Bring! list that offers both generic and sponsored items for that seasonal event. Would you like to put your products in the consumer spotlight on a seasonal basis? Then contact us here!

Insights & Analysis

Get detailed information and insights on planning phases and user shopping lists with the analytics package from Bring!. Get data on the time of day, day, and shopping list content of Bring! Users who add their Sponsored Product to the list. Does this sound interesting to you? Then contact us!


Purchase intent-based advertising offers tremendous benefits for many FMCG brands and retailers in increasing their brand awareness and reach. With the optimal use of the native mobile ad products of the Bring! Ad platform, this is easy to do and the increase in sales is guaranteed. Read recent success stories with brand owners from Germany and Switzerland. 

If you would like an individual offer, then contact us directly.

About Bring! - Simply clever shopping

Bring! Labs AG is a Swiss mobile tech company in the FMCG and retail industry, headquartered in Zurich and based in Berlin. Its main product is the free "Bring! Shopping List," an app that guides users through all aspects of shopping for everyday items such as groceries and drugstore goods – from inspiration, to collaborative planning, to purchase. With the help of shareable shopping lists, recipe ideas, and local deals, shopping and thus organizing the entire household is simplified for millions of consumers worldwide. In addition to the shopping platform for consumers, Bring! offers partners from FMCG and retail an innovative mobile advertising platform that enables them to open up new marketing channels and place products in the context of shopping in a highly targeted and native way.

Bring! is available as a free app for iOS and Android as well as via the web (www.getbring.com) and can be used via smartphone, desktop, smartwatch and by means of all common voice assistants. Bring! Labs AG was founded in Switzerland in 2015 and today employs over 30 people. Bring! is Europe's largest shopping list app and has won the Google Play "Editors' Choice" award several times and is recommended as "App of the Day" by Apple App Store.


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