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There are many shopping list apps out there. Besides Bring!, the most popular ones include Listonic, The Shopping List, or simply the note app on your smartphone.

We claim – admittedly not completely unbiased – that Bring! is the best choice for organizing your shopping.

In this article you'll find out why.

The easiest shopping list to share

Unlike the classic notepad, most shopping list apps offer one key advantage: they can be shared with multiple people. Of course, you can also do that with Bring!. In just a few clicks, you invite other people to work on a shopping list together with you. 

Once you’ve shared a list, you get notified when someone makes changes to the list or goes shopping. No more annoying double purchases and nothing gets forgotten.

Share your shopping lists and stay up to date.

Discover new recipes and add the ingredients to your shopping list with one click.

Editing the shopping list is a breeze thanks to its intuitive design. Instead of writing out the name of each item, you can add it with a simple tap. Got your hands full? Connect your device with Alexa or Siri and organize your shopping by voice command.

Moreover, the Bring! App comes in different designs. You prefer light mode? And instead of square tiles you'd rather have a list view? No problem! You decide how you want your shopping list to look.

You choose the look of your shopping list.

The above-mentioned features are key to planning your purchases efficiently. But what makes Bring! the best shopping list app is that it offers even more.

3 unique features you only get with Bring!

#1 Intelligent shopping suggestions

Not only can you plan your shopping with Bring - the app actually helps you do it!

When you add an item to your list via the search function, you'll receive suggestions for other items that go along well with it. Want to buy spaghetti? How about parmesan cheese, or minced meat?

You also get suggestions for details such as quantities, which you can use to describe the item more precisely. This ensures that the right products end up in the shopping cart!

Our intelligent search shows you practical shopping suggestions.

#2 Recipes for better weekly planning

Before going shopping, you first have to answer the fundamental question: What do I want to cook? To help you decide, you'll find new recipes in the Bring app every week to inspire you. Choose which ingredients you need to buy and put them on your shopping list in one click.

In addition to the recipes we provide for you, you also have the option to import other recipes into the Bring! App. Just use the share function of your browser.

Discover new recipes and add the ingredients to your shopping list with one click.

#3 Store your loyalty cards digitally

Save all your customer cards directly in the Bring! app for easy use at the register. All your cards are stored right below your shopping list where you can easily find them. No more rummaging in your purse to find the right card. Bye bye fat wallets!

Store all your customer cards in your Bring! app.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Free, easy to use shopping list app
  • Share shopping lists with others
  • Create shopping lists by voice command with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant
  • Customizable design
  • Intelligent shopping suggestions
  • Save recipes in your own recipe collection  and add ingredients to the list with one click
  • Store your loyalty cards digitally

Give it a try:

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