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Shopping traps and how to avoid them

Supermarkets have a number of ways to make their clients buy and spend a lot. For instance, more expensive products are usually located on eye level so they can be seen easily. Cheaper alternatives can be found in the lower shelves. Compare the prices per quantity and try to keep your routes short. Shops are built like a labyrinth in order to make the customer see as many products as possible.

A good plan pays off

People who have an exact plan for their grocery shopping are less likely to buy products out of impulse. Think about what it is that you need at home and add it to your shopping list. This will help you buy less and keep you from forgetting the really important things. Also, try not to do your groceries when you’re hungry, as this will tempt you into buying products you don’t need.

Bargain hunters and brochure collectors

Take special offers into account when planning your groceries. Bring! has the current brochures of your favourite shops for you so you can browse through them at any time. This way you always know where to find which product for the smallest price.

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