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You've had a long day, your stomach is rumbling, and you ask yourself the same old question: "What's for dinner today?” Spontaneous answers don’t come easily, since not only is your meal supposed to be delicious but also healthy and versatile.

If you're familiar with this problem, we have the solution for you: With a meal plan, peering into the fridge will never make you sweat again.

And if you're thinking now, "Oh no, that's too much effort for me," then you probably don't know the Bring! app yet! Always with you on your smartphone, this handy tool simplifies everyday planning and shopping.

Discover recipe inspirations

The most important part of a meal plan is, of course, the individual meals. To keep things interesting, it's worth looking for new recipes from time to time.

In the Bring! inspiration stream you’ll find new recipes every day.

In the Bring! inspiration stream, you'll find new seasonal recipes from popular food blogs and recipe platforms to try every day.

The specials offer you additional recipes on seasonal topics. We update them constantly with new ideas, so keep checking back.

Create a recipe collection

For weekly planning, it's especially helpful if you create a collection of tried-and-tested dishes from which you can then select a few at a time. 

In the Inspiration stream, you can create your own personal recipe collection under "My recipes". Of course, you can save all of the recipes that you see in the Inspiration stream. You can also import other recipes from the web into your Bring! app, either from our partner sites or from other compatible recipe sites.

Recipes from the Bring! app

Have you discovered a recipe in Bring! that you particularly like? Click on the heart in the upper right corner of the recipe image to save the recipe in your own collection under "My recipes".

You can find your saved recipes in the "My recipes" section and at the bottom of the inspiration stream.

Tap on the heart in the upper right corner of the recipe to save it to your collection.

Recipes from the internet

You can add most recipes from the web into your Bring! app using the "share" feature of your smartphone browser.

In this video we show you how to import recipes from the internet:

Plan together with friends and family

Tastes are known to differ. That's why it helps to include your family in the planning process. You can easily send recipes via WhatsApp, social media, email, or Messenger using the "Share" button below the recipe.

Share recipes via WhatsApp, social media, email, or Messenger

Time to go shopping!

Once you've created your meal plan for the week, it's time to go shopping!

Step 1: Determine the number of servings with the quantity calculator
You only need to specify how many portions you want to prepare - the quantity calculator will do the rest!

Step 2: Put the ingredients you need on your shopping list with one click.
You already have flour, eggs, and baking powder at home? Tap on the tiles to deselect the ingredients. Then scroll to the bottom of the list and add all the remaining ingredients to your list with one click.

Have fun shopping & cooking!

Plan your weekly menu:

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