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Arla Skyr

Enhanced awareness and increase of sales at the POS by linking online to offline with raffle promotion.

Sponsored Product

Arla Skyr was natively integrated as a sponsored product and could be found by the user both in the catalog and via the search function, and then be added to the shopping list.

Keywords: Milk, Yogurt, Quark
Catalog category: Milk & Cheese

Engagement Action

When clicking on the product icon, the user was additionally shown an engagement action to inform about the advantages of the product. Furthermore, there was a linkout to the Arla promotion page.

Sponsored Post

The sponsored post informed the user that there is a prize of 10.000€ to win with the purchase of Arla Skyr. Participation details could be found on the landing page via the linkout.


8 M
178 K
Eng. Rate
Feb 4- April 4, 2019
"The brand integration on Bring! was a logical measure to support our sales goals. The most interesting result for us was how often the item was put on the shopping list. This provided a KPI that was close to the actual purchase, which cannot be represented by any classic digital marketing instrument."
Kristina Dey
Lead Digital Marketing, Arla

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